MyVillage Experience

Experience village in the lap of nature
Kurinji Restaurant

Our multi-cuisine restaurant serves you the best of Indian and international delicacies in a traditional ambience.


Our regional flavors of paatti samayal brought to you with freshly ground ingredients. Paatti samayal is one of those foods we have all heard about but hardly got the chance to try. With authentic regional flavors and freshly ground ingredients, we know how important it is to experience delicious food at its best, and we're happy to share our expertise with you! So next time you want some authentic South Indian food, look no further than My Village!

Candle Light Dinner / Nila Choru

The name says it all. Experience a classic dining experience with a twist of magic. A restaurant that truly makes you feel like you are back in the village amidst nature and blissful tranquility! We have romantic lighting and traditional décor to spice up a fantastic ambiance for our guests. We promise to serve you the best food with traditional preparations and authentic flavors. So come visit us soon; we'll make your night magical!

Tea Kadai

Nothing beats the flavour of Nair kadai chaya, right? And what is more bliss than sitting at a tea kadai bench and discussing politics with the gang?