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The Village Resort

Spread across 25 acres of plantation in the Western Ghats, far from the frenziness of urban Coimbatore, My Village (located in Anaikatti) is a resort where you can indulge in the lavish portrayal of simple yet unparalleled architecture from across the villages of India. Presenting to you a luxurious stay in the most unconventional way, this is a place where you can time travel to the good old days of your childhood.
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Hotel Room

Here we provide you with a new concept of village living that everyone should experience on.

Experience at myVillage

A Traditional Resort in Coimbatore

A fine array of Silver woods will welcome you any time of the day as you enter My Village and drive to the parking lot. Our aim is bringing back the child in you!
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Tastefully designed to accommodate the cravings of the foodaholics, where having the meal becomes a holistic experience.
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Health & Leisure

De-stressing has become synonymous considering everyone’s current lifestyle. Inhale! Relax! Enjoy!
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Meetings & Events

We are your go to destination for all your personal and professional occasions.
village type resort

Features & Activities

Indulge in the various traditional and contemporary activities that are planned across the property.

Welcome to My Village. Experience the science of simple living