MyVillage Experience

Experience village in the lap of nature
Day Out Activity

We have a lot at My Village for you to explore. We've covered you, even if it's just a day out with your family or friends! So step out and paint your day colorfully!

Senior Citizen

Age is just a number, but an important one, we know! Therefore, we have dedicated all our Wednesdays to the senior citizens to celebrate their life, wisdom, contributions to society, and mere presence. In addition, we plan and conduct specialized outings for your parents.

Mom n Me

It’s time for mom-and-the-kid bonding. We celebrate unconditional love between mothers and daughters with special activities for them to have fun, bond more vitally, and make memories.

Outdoor Games

Oh, you don’t want us to reveal where you’ll be climbing, crawling, running, and exploring your adventurous side, do you?

ATV Ride

Take a thrilling ride through the woods. Who knows? Maybe you will find the answers to the most intriguing questions with your gang.

Dad n Me

Get dad active and engaged with My Village. Activities for dad will boost his mood and make him feel good. At the same time, the children can cherish the memories for a lifetime.