You will reach the myVillage resort via a mud road.

Upon reaching myVillage resort, you will have to park the vehicle in the designated parking area and get ready to experience the green eco-system of myVillage.

You will onboard the bullock cart (maatu vandi), where you experience of myVillage starts.

The first pitstop is the Ayyanar Statue, where you will also see the old theppa kulam (small pond) which Ayyanar is facing. Ayyanar is the kaaval dheivam (god of protection) to protect the village.

Crossing ayyanar statue and the theppa kulam (pond), you will be taken to the resort entrance.

Once you arrive at the reception, you will be greeted with a smile and a fresh brewed sugarcane juice from the bull extracts.

Once you are in the reception area, you will check in and the rooms are alloted based on your booking.

Your rooms are ready with the old karaikudi style doors to the vintage style switches, the card boards, the bed and the utilities. The bathrooms have secured open top to experience the natural lighting and to experience the rainfall.

Once you are checked, there are many other areas including the swimming pool where you can swim as well enjoy the scenic views of the mother nature around.

For your kids there is a kids play area and the secured walkways for them to play around.

There is a designated naturalist, who will assist you in any sort of experience in the resort including the camping, hiking in the mountaint, wildlife hiking, tour to the silent valley and other activities in the resort.

Rejuvenate in the Meditation hall, where you can relax in the mud bound building in the calm ambience.

Enjoy cuisine from the wide range of restaurants (nila sooru, kurunji and barbeque on the rock)

We assure you will have a life time experience at myVillage