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My Village - Where your child meets your childhood

Spread across 25 acres of plantation in the Western Ghats, away from the frenziness of urban Coimbatore, My Village (located in Anaikatti) is a resort where you can indulge in the lavish portrayal of simple yet unparalleled architecture from across the villages of India. Presenting to you a luxurious stay in the most unconventional way, this is a place where you can time travel to the good old days of your childhood.

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Traditional Resort in Coimbatore

Unlike any other luxury resort that you have been to, My Village is a dream that has, over a period of thirty years taken the form of a wonderful resort. Carefully crafted by Mrs. & Mr. Ilango, the property is nothing less of an infrastructure marvel, as the person behind it is an Architect by profession and Innovator by passion.
As the name suggests the resort is unique from any other because the materials used while building and for furnishings, like the pillars, roof tiles, doors, their frames, the traditional fans etc., have stories of their own. We are living amidst the stationeries that stand test to the taste, culture and engineering brilliance that were prevalent in our rich ancient India, from our Kings, through the Independence struggle, till now.
The purpose of coming up with the concept of My Village is to tell the younger generation that there is an exciting life out of their smartphones, to enjoy and appreciate nature, to teach them to live in harmony with the environment, just like our ancestors within. From a society which used to worship rain and Mother Nature, to teaching our kids “Rain, Rain, Go Away”, we have lost our spiritual connect with the environment somewhere in the process of a materialistic life. That is why My Village was born.
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Welcome to My Village. Experience the science of simple living